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Bring your fans closer than ever with exclusive music, merch and live performances.

In an industry where 90%of all streams go to the top 1% of artists.

Almost 120,000 new songs a day are failing to find their audience.

The future is being built by pioneering artists and their closest fans.

15% of your fans are willing to spend80% more than your average listener.

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TRAX Class of 24

An exciting & diverse line-up of whose up next in 2024. Including Master Peace, Deijuvhs, Rosa Cecilia, LIFEOFTHOM + more

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for music artists.

An all-in-one digital store for artists. Sell music, merchandise and tickets in one place - reduce drop-off and supercharge your earnings potential.

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Sell tickets directly to your fans, receive instant payments and split revenue between multiple parties.

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An exclusive night in the heart of East London with live performances from a star-studded lineup. You don't want to miss this.

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