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Introducing a superapp for music artists in the new creator economy.

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Post what you want

We know artists have a lot to say. From singles and albums to music videos, podcasts, livestreams, and everything in between, TRAX is your one stop shop for sharing more with those most passionate about your sound.

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Find your superfans

Your superfans are the people who will help take your to the next level. With TRAX, you can reach your closest fans with exclusive content, private DMs, subscriber-only livestreams and more...

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Unlock new earnings

Not all music experiences are worth the same. With variable pricing and a range of opportunities for earning revenue - including:


"The first week on TRAX got me more money than my first two months on Bandcamp...It has the community features I always missed on Bandcamp. It's almost too good."

Verführervergelter – TRAX Early Bird
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I would 100% recommend TRAX to other artists. I find it super easy to use, very visually appealing and I'm having a ton of fun.

TRAX Early Bird

Owned by artists

Have your say on the direction and future of the platform. TRAX DAO will enable artists to receive funding, vote on platform updates, reward their fans via the $TRAX token.

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Go viral, earn cash 🤑

A toolkit for artists looking to capitalise on viral moments, TRAX’s discoverability algorithm boosts great content and exposes up-and-coming artists to a wider audience.

Creators who go viral with TRAX have several times the earning potential of users from other platforms

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⚡️ Instant payouts

Access your earnings with ease, and at a time that suits you best. Now compatible with fiat and cryptocurrency! No more waiting around or delayed paydays.

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What's the community saying?

“If you are seeing this tweet, take some time to checkout the latest web3 music platform @onlyontrax. Looks sleek and fresh.”

Maxwell Bruno

“Hey TRAX friends!! The experience has been incredible. I really like the way they are changing the dynamics between musicians and artists. They are a great platform and I am very happy to be part of it. Of course I would recommend it! I hope they continue to grow.. much success!”

Winner Boyz

“This could be big, a brand new platform for artists to release music in a super reactive and fully independent way!”

Dolo Jones

“This app is amazing, I`m about to build my catalog here.”


“I am loving Trax - perfect ecosystem for musicians”


“Trax has been the most versatile, most user-friendly one stop shop I have ever used. As a creator, Trax is a must. The ability to share with the community combined with the power of being able to offer digital and physical merchandise for my fans sets Trax far apart from any other artist platform I have ever used.”


On TRAX, your music is worth more.
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