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The first music platform,
owned by artists & fans.

Vote on future updates to the platform and have your say on community votes.

Access exclusive airdrops for completing tasks and engaging with artists.

Be the first to know when new updates are released.

Priority access to TRAX Live events and other community events.

Own a piece of the TRAX platform and get rewarded as the platform grows.

Be part of the first decentralised music platform in the world.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

What is TRAX DAO?

DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) are blockchain-based voting organisations that operate without any central authority. TRAX DAO is made up of a treasury and a community of token holders who vote on and fund important changes affecting the platform. Blockchain technology ensures that votes are always democratic, fully transparent, and that treasury funds are only unlocked with majority consensus.

How does it work?

Every few months TRAX submits a plan to the DAO outlining how they want to use funds to support artists. If DAO members are satisfied with the proposal and return a majority vote, funds are released after a period of a few days. Members can review proposals and check the status of the treasury here

What does TRAX DAO fund?

TRAX DAO funds activities related to TRAX. This includes costs related to artists, platform development, and overheads. TRAX is proud to be supporting up-and-coming with highly valuable amenities and support not always available to smaller artists, including studio time, marketing tools, and live performance opportunities.

Who is in charge of TRAX DAO?

TRAX DAO is a bottom up decision-making organisation with no central authority. TRAX is owned by a decentralised community of token holders.

What is $TRAX? How can I get it?

$TRAX is a cryptocurrency token that grants holders the ability to vote on proposals to TRAX DAO. TRAX can currently be acquired through decentralised exchanges - Sonic or ICPSwap


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