TRAX Class of 2024: Deijuvhs

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Harry Lloyd Jones
A&R Director
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Deijuvhs is a London-born artist and serial blender of musical genres, showcasing a distinctive sound that defies the mainstream. His musical journey began at the age of 15 after forming a band with his mates, honing his style and jamming out to everything from Michael Jackson to Nirvana. His eclectic influences soon directed him towards the alternative music scene, blending nu-metal, R&B, and alt-rock​ - in what is now his trademark sound.

As Deij’s musical horizon expands, he's making strides in addressing racial biases within alternative music spaces, advocating for more representation and inclusivity. His story and musical endeavours underlie a deep connection between his sound and broader dialogues happening within the music industry​.

First of all, big congratulations on Hoodstock! What would you say was your favourite moment from the festival?

Getting kicked out my own festival 'cause I called the sound man a nonce. I don't think he was doing his job properly.

You’ve been variously described as drawing inspiration from drill, afrobeat, trap, nu-metal, and more. How do you define your sound, and do you find these labels helpful?

Hoodpunk is what I tell people my sound is. It’s very broad and doesn’t have a particular sound.

How does it feel being part of the TRAX Class of ‘24? Can you share a little more about your exclusive track?

I feel honoured to be apart of a new app. It has great intentions for new artists, we really need an app like this. The exclusive track is about my frustrations towards intimate relations.

What is it about DIY culture that’s so important to your music, and to alt spaces in general?

Well if nobody is gonna put you on, you have to put yourself on and I live by that

It would be remiss of us not to ask about your personal style. What or who is your main inspiration when it comes to clothes?

My main inspiration when it comes to clothes is mainly subcultures alternative and mainstream. Grunge, drill, goth, skater. I just put on whatever I feel. Nowadays I really really dislike colour.

What's up next for Deijuvhs?

I’m going through a metamorphosis visually and stylistically. So everything is brand new, I’m done with the old me.