TRAX Class of 2024:Master Peace

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Hadi Usmani
Head of A&R
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Singer, songwriter, and aspiring rock icon, Master Peace is a fast rising British star. Born in 1999 in South East London, he first found footing in the grime scene, later shifting towards his personal brand of emo-rock-rap. Peace’s work channels a range of his early influences; from Nirvana to Fleetwood Mac to Lil Peep​​.

From performing solo on RADAR Radio to taking part in the Boy Better Know Takeover in 2018, where he shared the stage with artists like A$AP Rocky, BBK, J Hus, and Slowthai, Peace continues to move up and take listeners by surprise.

You recently got coverage for your new single I Might Be Fake ft. Georgia on BBC Radio 1. It’s a great track with a super provocative title, what’s the story behind it?

I wrote this record because I felt like when I first came into the industry it was like I had to fake it till I made it and do things that I knew in my heart wasn’t me just to be a people pleaser but all that did was get me no where and then when I realised being my self will serve a bigger purpose, my whole mind set changed.

You’ve got a full schedule in March with your upcoming UK & Ireland tour. How important are live performances to you? What’s your favourite song to perform live?

if there wasn’t any live music, I wouldn’t make music because that bit is my favourite bit of the whole thing and it really helps my mental health in so many ways and it’s great character building, favourite song to perform is my record GET NAUGHTY! on my debut album HENRY!

Much has been said about your eclectic, genre-splicing style. What kind of music were you listening to while growing up?

Growing up my house was split, my mum loved pop/gospel music anything from Phil Collins to like hill songs praise & worship music, then my dad listened to a lot of hip pop like p diddy & mase & that type of thing but then reggae too but then I went to a posh secondary school and people were listening to early 2000 indie like arctic monkeys & bloc party. So my music soundscapes has always been eclectic

How does it feel being part of the TRAX Class of ‘24? Can you share a little more about your exclusive track?

I feel so buzzing to be part of the class of 24, been a long time coming get recognition for my art which is always touching to be honest, the exclusive track was about a break up I went through in lockdown & I had so much more to say to her but we were on no contact and I didn’t wanna give in so I just had to put it in a song lol

What can fans expect from your upcoming album How to Make a Master Peace?

Nothing they’ve heard before from Peace Okezie. It’s honestly groundbreaking AOTY if we keeping it 100