TRAX Class of 2024:Taliwhoah

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Hadi Usmani
Head of A&R
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Taliwhoah born Talitha, is a London-born, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and artist, increasingly known for her personal spin on Afro-Caribbean soul and R&B. Her sound embodies her varied cultural background, showcasing her talent through diverse shades of musical heritage. Taliwhoah's moniker reflects the impact she tends to have on people, with 'Whoah' stemming from a reaction someone once had to her - classic, yet provocative, and always instantly recognisable.

Coming from a rich musical lineage, Taliwhoah's British-born Nigerian-Lebanese mother and Jamaican father were integral in nurturing her early musical inclinations. She fondly recalls studying VHS tapes of performances by her mother, Toyin Adekale, and aunt, Maizie Williams, both of whom were members of the influential European group Boney M. Her journey took a decisive turn at age 13 when she moved from London to Seattle. Eventually gravitating towards Los Angeles, her passion for music reignited during a challenging phase of her life. Tali describes her relationship with music during this time as a “survival tactic”. Her grit and determination would resonate with fans and see her creative horizons expanding with every new release.

How does it feel to be recognised in the TRAX Class of ‘24? What can your fans look forward to hearing from you in the next year?

It feels inspiring to be recognized by TRAX at this point of my journey. After taking a small hiatus to work on new music and grow as an artist, I’m excited to share what that journey has looked so far and also share the new music! I’m really excited to share my new track Thief in the night with my fans and give them insight into what’s to come.

With such a rich musical heritage, how have your family's roots in music, especially your mother and aunt’s involvement with Boney M, influenced your own musical journey?

It’s really made me a student of the arts. Watching them for so long has really sparked tears of inspiration that has shown up throughout my musical journey. Everything I do, I want it to reach ppl in a visually stimulating way. I really pride myself on my story telling and being super candid with my lyrics

You've transitioned between London and Los Angeles over the years. How have these two diverse music scenes influenced your sound and approach to creating music?

Being that both London and LA are such melting pots of people, cultures and industries, you really learn how to pivot in so many ways to help push the envelope of your creativity. I got to spend a lot of time in both places growing up and learning about myself, which has contributed to the stories I’m able to tell in my music!

Your repertoire touches on wide-ranging themes in love and intimacy. How do you integrate queer visibility into your work?

I’ve had the privilege of being able to share some of my experience’s through my music and so therefore anyone that listens to my music is getting the chance to be exposed to the many layers of the queer experience. Being able to live in my truth is something I’ll continue to do and I hope it inspires us all to do the same. Being queer isn’t a monolith, like many things in this life! And as an artist I hope to be able to continue being a beacon for what being Queer truly is, outside of what society tries to force feed us. There’s so much beauty about being able to live a life that isn’t structured by binaries, government agendas and politics. The world is a much better place when we all get to embrace who we are out our core, when we get to be in charge of our autonomy and I hope my music is always a vessel for that message!