TRAX Class of 2024: Lewis Knaggs

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Harry Lloyd Jones
A&R Director
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Between writing and producing original songs and managing his own media production company, Lewis Knaggs is doing it all. As the founder of LSK Productions, Lewis offers his expertise as a director and cinematographer, skills which he has perfected through his own repertoire of self-made music videos. His tracks - ranging from powerful indie-rock ballads to contemplative folk - reveal a rich musical heritage and passion for the act of creating that continues to be the driving force behind his sound.

Lewis’ mastery over diverse and - and occasionally opposing - themes resonates with fans on a profound level. His single Third Eye pairs a classic rock sound with a story that emphasises the importance of memories, advice, and wisdom acquired throughout life. Going Nowhere meanwhile, takes listeners on a whistle stop tour of the highs and lows of loving and losing. Finally, My Father is a touching tribute to Lewis’ late father, as well as a reflection on childhood and growing up. Lewis’ tracks represent that side of indie rock that doesn’t feel the need to choose between catchy melodies or deep introspection, preferring instead to always do both.

Alongside your musical output, you’re also an accomplished video director. How has your creativity in music fed into your filmmaking, and vice versa?

Music and film are very much intertwined for me (and a lot of other people) - When I was a kid I was obsessed with watching music videos. A good video can really transform and lift a song or artist, into a totally different place. It goes both ways and I feel this way for any kind of film I make - a great song or sound design within a film can transform the visual and take you somewhere amazing.

What are your future ambitions for your creative work? Any specific music or film projects you’d especially like to work on?

I spend most of my spare time when I'm not making films, writing and recording new music. I'd love to make feature films in the coming years and also make the music for the films. A lot of artists now are doing videos for each track on their album and telling a beautiful story in the process. That's next on my list, an album, with a feature film to go along side it !

How does it feel being part of the TRAX Class of ‘24? Can you share a little more about your exclusive track?

It's great to be chosen for TRAX class of 24', I'm very thankful to be alongside some really great artists and to be introduced to how the platform works. I've connected with some fans on here already in a pretty unique way so it feels like the future of how things should be done in the music world.... My exclusive track is an acoustic version of "Feel Forever" I actually recorded this version of the track in a hotel room in Hamburg earlier this year. I was there filming and I always take a guitar and some recording equipment with me to make demo's...I felt like I needed to record an acoustic version of this song as I originally wrote it on the acoustic guitar, just like this - Hope ya'll enjoy it

What kind of music were you around growing up? How has that influenced your sound today?

My father was American, so I grew up on a lot of early Blues music like Muddy Waters and Little Richard - Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan were big one's for me wanting to learn the guitar, which then lead to writing songs. Me and my dad used to listen to The Rolling Stones "Hot Rocks" on repeat in the car on the way to guitar lessons...Some truly great songs on there. On the other side, my mother is from wales and we would drive over to see my grandparents at school break, listening to ABBA gold and Dusty Springfield...Some huge songs in there too. Quite a random combination but it all got soaked in I guess and one way or another comes out in the music I write today. I definitely spent / spend a lot of time listening to music in the car...Moving forward at a fast pace is always an inspiring scenario for listening to my favourite songs

What’s up next for Lewis Knaggs?

I'm planning to get a bunch more shows in the diary. But also writing everyday and recording as much as I can. So more tunes to come and 2024 feels like it'll be the year where things really come together.