TRAX Class of 2024:Onoe Caponoe

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Hadi Usmani
Head of A&R
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Onoe Caponoe emerges from the London alt-music subculture as a true musical alchemist, blending the ethereal essence of space funk with the raw spirit of punk rock. His monikers, "The Lord Catpissdelic" or the "cat lord," serve as a playful prelude to the fantastical journey that lies in his tunes and verses. Each beat and rhyme crafted by Onoe is a gateway to a cosmos where the norm is defied and creativity reigns supreme.

From 'Concrete Fantasia' and 'Surf Or Die' to 'Invisible War', Onoe’s discography is a testament to his evolving sound, each album a voyage through different musical landscapes and genres. A feature act at London DIY festival Hoodstock over the summer, his ability to elevate his art through dynamic live performances adds to his mystique and creates a key point of contact for his die-hard fans. In a world of fleeting trends, Onoe Caponoe stands as a beacon of imaginative force, his music a breath of creativity in a landscape often marred by repetition. With each tune, he invites his audience to step away from the mundane and delve into a world where music is both an escape and a new adventure.

Your music is often described as a fusion of psychedelic rap, space funk, and punk rock. What influenced you to embrace such a unique blend of genres?

I guess I've just always listened to lots of different styles of music so that's just how it comes out when I make music, I don't actually think about it or if I do I try my best to make it less weird,,,, then someone says to me,,,, yo this is mad weird.

You are AKA "The Lord Catpissdelic" and "cat lord". Can you share the story behind these names and how they reflect your musical persona?

Hahahahah,,, I can't really but what I can say is I'm very much like a cat,,, I like to lay down n b left alone,,, I also slap people I don't like,,, I'm joking I'm not wild anymore.

For a fan who’s never been to one of your live shows, what would you tell them to expect?

Headbanging, interaction, connection, intense feelings of love, Ur supposed to crowd surf

How did you find your experience of performing at Hoodstock? Do you feel trap and punk rock have more in common than meets the eye?

Yeh it was cool man, yeh defo ofcors they do shout out all that trap metal shit

What do you have planned for fans to look forward to over the upcoming year?

Lots of work, it don't stop n it gets better everytime baby.