TRAX Class of 2024:Rosa Cecilia

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Hadi Usmani
Head of A&R
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Hailing from London, Rosa Cecilia weaves magic through her music. Her EP Take None is a thesis and reflection on love, youth, and identity, paying homage to soul icons and telling her own unique story in the process. Well-rounded and deliberate in their execution, her EP and numerous single releases provide new angles on complex personal and cultural topics. Layering deep conversations over silky-smooth rhythms and melodies, Rosa evokes her own brand of neo-soul - a music subculture with profound history in London.

Rosa’s musical journey started early in adolescence. She describes falling in love with songwriting at the age of 14, later working in the fashion industry in Paris where she derived new inspiration for her sound. Her preoccupation with beauty is reflected both in her music and personal style; catching eyes and experimenting with new frontiers in neo-soul. An ability to fuse diverse sounds, speak to the passions and concerns of a generation, and switch languages at a moment's notice mark her out as a unique voice in her cohort. A modern artist unafraid to traverse new horizons in this evolving industry.

As a London-based artist, how has the city's diverse cultural and musical landscape shaped your art?

Fusion is the base of my sound. I grew up in a mixed household so I can't imagine a time where all types of music weren't being played. I feel really lucky for that. It's like, I was exposed to everything so I got to see what specific sounds moved me and influenced my creativity.

Next year is a big year for you, without giving away too much, can you share any themes or musical explorations your fans can look forward to?

I've taken a break from releasing this year to really develop my craft as a musician, writer and performer. 2024 is where it all manifests... that's all I will say.

We love your sound for its global modern pop blend with roots in Latin and western Jazz classics. How do you navigate fusing these diverse genres while still trying to create a unique sound?

Thank you! I'm currently reading Rick Rubin's book on The Creative Act. He believes the idea for a song is already out there in the universe, our bodies, minds and skills are a vessel for their creation. I try to channel this when making music. All these diverse genres live in me authentically, the stories of my ancestors live inside the fibres of my being. Essentially, my unique sound is created if I tune into exactly who I am when creating - because I am unique. That goes for all of us.

You’ve already ventured into the digital collectible world for your music by producing Music NFTs - why are you so optimistic about this technology?

Honestly? I was inspired by the OnlyFans model! I thought 'wow, these girls are not only making a living from exclusive content but they're developing dedicated fans. Why can't we do that with music?' After a lot of research I came across NFTs and fell in love with the benefits of blockchain, like the ownership and community building it provides artists. NFTs strengthen the relationship between artist and listener. My web3 fans are literally funding aspects of my career, acting as a mini record label in paying an 'advance' through buying my NFTs.