TRAX Class of 2024:Scratchcard Wednesday

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Harry Lloyd Jones
Head of A&R
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Blending dynamic vocals with powerful rock melodies, Scratchcard Wednesday are an emerging music duo from Glasgow. Soon to debut their own original music, they’ve increasingly made their presence known on TikTok, boasting 90K followers and amassing 1.6 million likes with their mix of skits and song covers​. With Dex on the guitar and Ty on mic, the pair have covered a range of classic tracks from Elvis to Oasis to Professor Green.

Scratchcard performed their first sold-out gig at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow earlier this year alongside bands Under Review, Bride, and The Braes​​. Recognised for their charm and charisma both on-stage and off, the pair’s video collab with BBC Scotland is an early indicator of a promising career spanning different channels and sectors. Still in the early stages of their music career, Scratchcard Wednesday have a budding online presence, a unique social media approach, and a growing fan base both on and offline. Their infectious sense of humour coupled with their early success as music artists sets an intriguing premise for what's to come from this talented duo.

Your car park TikToks are genius. How did that idea come about? Any chance of a full track recording in the car park?

We were literally just going shopping in Glasgow, Ty was singing as usual and we were like the acoustics in here are crazy so we just ran with it and 100s of videos later, here we are! We know you guys liked the fever cover so you may like what's coming...

Where did the name Scratchcard Wednesday come from?

We literally used to get a Scratchcard on a Wednesday after school, easy as that.

What’s your experience been with live performances? What’s your favourite memory from a previous gig?

For me (Ty), It's definitely supporting Professor Green as this was my first time ever singing live in front of people and to support a massive artist like Pro was crazy! For me (Dexter), it's got to be headlining King Tuts, playing to a sold out crowd was crazy. I can't lie, I was shook when I realised the crowd were singing the lyrics to songs that are unreleased. I still don't know how they got the lyrics to this day!

How does it feel being part of the TRAX Class of ‘24? Can you share a little more about your exclusive track?

It's crazy to be a part of the 'TRAX Class of '24'. It's crazy that we are a part of something like this before we have any music officially out! The exclusive track was one we know the Scottish people will like, that's all I'm saying right now...

What’s up next for Scratchcard Wednesday?